Submissions from 2004

Between the Lines: International Economic Law and Social Justice in a Global Era, Ruth Buchanan

The Identity of Law Beyond the Sovereign, Ruth Buchanan

Gender and Investment Decision-Making: Empirical and Legal Approaches, Mary G. Condon

Panel Discussion on the Passport System in Securities Regulation, Mary G. Condon

Securities Regulatory Enforcement Post-Enron and Post-YBM, Mary G. Condon

The Use of Public Interest Enforcement Powers by Securities Regulators in Canada, Mary G. Condon

Connecting Economy, Gender and Citizenship, Mary G. Condon and Lisa Philipps

Masters, magistrates, commanders and coercion in Britain and the Empire, Douglas C. Hay

Negotiation with Metis: What Courts Can Do to Help, Shin Imai

Swallowed Up: Drug Couriers at the Borders of Canadian Sentencing, Sonia Lawrence

Corporate Finance and Environmentally Responsible Business, Benjamin J. Richardson

The Kyoto Protocol and its Implementation in Canada, Benjamin J. Richardson


Remarks ("Beyond the Sosa v Alvarez-Machain Terms of Debate: Conceptualizing International Human Rights Torts in Terms of 'Transnational Law'"), Craig M. Scott

Cross-Pollination between International Norms and Canadian Domestic Law regarding Indigenous Peoples, Brian Slattery

Indigenous Rights: Historic or Human Rights?, Brian Slattery

R. v. Powley: Its Implications for the Metis and Other Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Brian Slattery

The Constitutional Status of Historic Treaties, Brian Slattery

Collective Action by Self-Employed Workers: Possibilities and Constraints, Eric M. Tucker

Trapped inside the box? Trade Union Responses to Neo-Liberal Reforms in Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Eric M. Tucker


International Trade Agreements, Internationalist Policy Consciousness, and the Reform of Canadian Private International Law, Robert Wai


Arbitrability: Are There Limits?, Janet Walker


Canada’s 'Forgotten Forests': Or, How Ottawa is Failing Local Communities and the World in Peri-Urban Forest Protection, Stepan Wood


Commentary: Toward a Counterdisciplinary Agenda for Research in International Law and International Relations, Stepan Wood

The Role of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Governing Environmental Conflict and Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries: Questions for Research, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 2003

What Mediators Think: Perceptions of Philosophy, Process and Power, Colleen M. Hanycz

Origins: Westminster Hall in the eighteenth century, Douglas C. Hay

Harsh, perhaps misguided: Developments in Law, 2002., Sonia Lawrence

The Bureaucratization of Poverty Law, Sonia Lawrence


Evaluating UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Toward a Paradigmatic Transition, Obiora Chinedu Okafor

Ethical Finance and Climate Change, Benjamin J. Richardson

Implementing the Kyoto Protocol at the International and National Level, Benjamin J. Richardson

Regulating Economic Growth through Financial Organisations., Benjamin J. Richardson

Towards Sustainable Banking: Environmental Financing and its Regulation, Benjamin J. Richardson

An Integrated Theory of Aboriginal Title and Aboriginal Rights, Brian Slattery

Occupational Health and Safety Act, Eric M. Tucker

Submissions from 2002

The Limits of Globalized Critical Pdagogies: Reflecting on an Inter-continental, Web-based Collaborative Course on Globalizaion and Law, Ruth Buchanan and Sundhya Pahua

Re-inventing Trade: Challenging Norms of Gender, Law and Development, Ruth Buchanan and Suzy Wilkinson

Risky Business: Employee Pensions and Management Stock Options in an Era of Corporate Scandal, Mary Condon

Hope Deferred?: Commentary on Groia and Seaman ‘Enron: Fear and Loathing on Bay Street’, Mary G. Condon

How did we get here? Technology and Canadian Securities Regulation, Mary G. Condon

Online investing and the new economy: how far can law reach?, Mary G. Condon

Mediation and Power, Colleen M. Hanycz

Mediation without Lawyers: Where do we go from here?, Colleen M. Hanycz

Serving Two Masters: The Impact of Legal Culture on the Mediation Process, Colleen M. Hanycz

Treaty Rights in Ontario: The Impact of Delgamuukw, Badger and Sparrow, Shin Imai

Section 15(1) at the Supreme Court of Canada 2001., Sonia Lawrence

Indigenous Environmental Management Regimes in the Developing World: Self-determination, Survival and Sustainability, Benjamin J. Richardson

Insurance Markets for Promoting Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Benjamin J. Richardson

Strengthening Environmental Regulation through the Banking Sector, Benjamin J. Richardson

Balancing the Right of Self-Determination and Claims of State Sovereignty, Brian Slattery

New Developments on the Enforcement of Treaty Rights, Brian Slattery

Re-Mapping Worker Citizenship in Contemporary Occupational Health and Safety Regimes, Eric M. Tucker

Star Wars: Newspaper Distribution Workers and the Possibilities and Limits of Collective Bargaining, Eric M. Tucker


Getting the Best Seats, Janet Walker


The Better Part of Harmonizing Jurisdictional Law, Janet Walker

Cautionary Tales: International Environmental Law and the Precautionary Principle in the Work of the Federal Court of Canada, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 2001

Creeping Privatization in the Health Care System: Implications for Women as the State Re-Draws Its Role, Joan M. Gilmour

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Viewing Mdiation Through the Lens of Power, Colleen M. Hanycz

Judges and magistrates: high law and low law in England and the Empire, Douglas C. Hay

Accessing Quality?: Legal Education and the Diversity Challenge, Allan Hutchinson

Gender Equality and Lawyers Work: Education as a Strategy for Change in the Legal Profession?, Mary Jane Mossman


Converging Numbers: Harmonization of Accounting Standards with the Context of the Role of the Auditor in Corporate Governance, Poonam Puri

Lawyers as Gatekeepers, Investors and Advisors: An Analysis of Innovation in Legal Fee Arrangements (and Implications for the Lawyer-Client Relationship and the Public Interest), Poonam Puri

The Death of Liability in the Law Firm: A Critical Analysis of Limited Liability Partnerships, Poonam Puri

Economic Instruments for Off-Park Nature Conservation, Benjamin J. Richardson

Market Institutions for Sustainability: European Experience, Benjamin J. Richardson

New Architecture for Ecological Responsibility: Environmental Citizenship and Environmental Justice in a Market Context, Benjamin J. Richardson

Role of Financial Institutions as Surrogate Environmental Regulators, Benjamin J. Richardson

The Role of Banks and Institutional Investors in Sustainable Development, Benjamin J. Richardson

Interpreting Express and Implied Treaty Rights in Canada, Brian Slattery

Paper Empires: French and English Theories of Territory and Property in Aboriginal America, 1500-1763, Brian Slattery

Writing the Workers Out?: The Politics of Mandated Partial Self Regulation, Eric M. Tucker

Writing Workers Out?: The Trajectory of Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Canada, Eric M. Tucker

Green Revolution or Greenwash? Environmental Management Systems, Public Law and Private Authority in Canada, Stepan Wood

Voluntary Environmental Standards: Green Revolution or Greenwash?, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 2000

Pensions and Privatization, Mary G. Condon

The New Genetics in the Post-Keynesian State, Roxanne Mykitiuk


The Gender of Genetic Futures: The Canadian Biotechnology Strategy, Women and Health, Roxanne Mykitiuk, Fiona Miller, and Lorna Weir

Building the Environmental Law Diaspora: The Role of Financial Institutions, Benjamin J. Richardson

States between Economic Deregulation and Ecological Responsibility: The Place of Environmental Justice, Benjamin J. Richardson

States between Economic Deregulation and Environmental Reregulation: The Hybridisation of Environmental Law, Benjamin J. Richardson


To Start A War: NATO’s Failure to Pursue the Russia Option During the Kosovo Crisis, Craig M. Scott

Historic Treaties: The Contemporary Definition of Existing Treaty Rights, Brian Slattery


Liberal Internationalism and Policy Discourse about the Asian Economic Crisis, Robert Wai


Beyond Big Business: Contests between Jurisdictions in a Vertically Integrated Global Economy, Janet Walker


Morguard at the Millennium: A Survey of Change, Janet Walker


Provisional and Protective Measures in International Litigation: Mareva and Grupo Mexicano, Janet Walker

Structural Bias and the concept of Sustainability, Stepan Wood

The New Global Environmental Standards, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 1999

Gendering the Pension Promise: Risk, Financial Markets and Neo-Liberalism, Mary G. Condon

Privatizing Risk: Gender and Pension Policy in Canada, Mary G. Condon

Distinct societies and the demand for distinctive law, Douglas C. Hay

Temps, culture, droit: l'historien et les temporalites des juristes, Douglas C. Hay

New Zealand’s Experience with the Use of Economic Instruments Including Taxes and Tradeable Permits, Benjamin J. Richardson

Notions of ‘Citizenship’ in New Zealand Environmental Law, Benjamin J. Richardson and Ken Palmer

Pluralism or Segmentation?: The Legal Regulation of Employment Relations in Canada, 1900 to 1999, Eric M. Tucker and Judy Fudge

Submissions from 1998

Business as Family, Mary Condon

Gender, Privatization and Financial Markets: The Case of the Canada Pension Plan, Mary G. Condon

Re-Privatizing Women: Tax Law and Family Economies, Lisa Philipps

Defining the ‘Reasonably Foreseeable Needs of Future Generations’ in New Zealand Fisheries Management, Benjamin J. Richardson