About Osgoode Digital Commons

Osgoode Digital Commons (ODC) is an institutional repository (IR) that collects Osgoode’s scholarly output and records the life and activity of the Osgoode Hall Law School under one umbrella. The aim of ODC is to preserve and provide open access to the research produced by Osgoode faculty members. ODC also hosts Osgoode’s journals including one of Canada’s premiere peer-reviewed law journals, the Osgoode Hall Law Journal.

ODC is an excellent vehicle for working papers, copies of published articles and conference papers. Unpublished presentations, senior theses, and other scholarly works can also be published in ODC.

Why Submit?

  • Metrics: ODC provides authors with readership and usage metrics including the number of downloads for each item, which allows authors to measure the global impact of their research.

  • Preservation: Each item receives a permanent URL, which ensures submissions are easily discovered and allows authors to include their work on CVs and web sites.

  • Discoverability: ODC content appears in the top search results in Google, Google Scholar, and other major search engines, which fosters increased discoverability of the author’s work.

  • Funder Requirements: The open access nature of ODC allows authors to meet the demands of a growing number of funding agencies, which increasingly require research to be made publicly available.

  • Author Rights: ODC is a non-exclusive platform, which means authors retain all rights to their scholarly work.

  • Copyright Support: ODC staff verifies publisher permissions for each item, in order to ensure compliance with publishers’ copyright policies and embargo restrictions.

  • Submission Support: ODC staff performs all uploads and submission updates on the author’s behalf, allowing authors to focus their time and energy on their research and teaching.

How to Submit?

To submit an item to the repository, please complete our short Research Dissemination Form or email us at DigitalCommons@osgoode.yorku.ca with a copy of the item you would like submitted.

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding the Osgoode Digital Commons contact us at DigitalCommons@osgoode.yorku.ca.