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Ianni, R.W., Report of the Task Force on Paralegals, Prepared for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronto, 1990


The issue of unauthorized legal practice involves questions of professionalism and market protection. The legal profession, like other professions, is seen a being particularly successful at excluding others from its area of jurisdiction. Disputes over jurisdiction occur at the edge of this jurisdiction, specifically when certain condition arise. The e conditions are characterized by the "indetermination/ technicality (I/T) ratio", where "I" represents the ideological underpinning of the profession and "T" represents the technical knowledge. "If either the knowledge base or the ideological underpinning deteriorates, the occupation will lose control over its spheres of activity....For an occupation or a profession to feel secure, it must maintain a firm knowledge base and imbue its novices with the necessary ideology."


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