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Israel Payment System Reform: Assessment of Legal Requirements and Available Options, Benjamin Geva

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Requiem for Microcredit: the Decline of a Romantic Idea, Cynthia A. Williams

Crime Victims and Constitutional Rights, Alan N. Young

Submissions from 2002

Consumer Protection in Electronic Funds Transfers, Benjamin Geva

Contested Global Governance?: The WTO, States and Global Civil Society, Benjamin Geva

Afghanistan: Detta krig ar olagligt och omoralik (Afghanistan: This war is illegal and immoral), Michael Mandel

The Implications of Parliament's Exercise of Section 91(24) Powers for the Inherent Right of Self-Government, Kent McNeil

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Genetic Services in Ontario: Mapping the Future, Roxanne Mykitiuk

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Report on Consultations with NGO/CSO Representatives and with Researchers in Enugu and Benue States of Nigeria, Obiora Chinedu Okafor and C. Essien

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Land Use Planning and Housing Discrimination, Cynthia A. Williams

Submissions from 2001

Environmental Scan :Organized Crime in the Media, Margaret E. Beare and Juan Ronderos

Why Taxing Capital Gains is Good for the Tax System, the Economy and Tax Administration, Neil Brooks

Uniform Securities Transfer ACT (“USTA”) - Constitutional Issues, Benjamin Geva

Legal Framework for China's Basic Pension System, Jinyan Li

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Submissions from 2000

Alternative Approaches to Combating Transnational Crime, Margaret E. Beare

Suspicious Transaction Study: Referrals by Financial Institutions to the RCMP, Margaret E. Beare

Tax and Legal Issues Relating to Regulating Public Benefit Organizations, Neil Brooks


Gender on the Line: Technology, Restructuring and the Reorganization of Work in the Call Centre Industry, Policy Report, Ruth Buchanan and Sara Koch-Schulte


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The Greening of York Region: National and International Policy Context, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 1999

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Law Politics and the Supreme Court: The Quebe Secession Case, Michael Mandel

Report to the Deputy Minister (of Justice, Canada) concerning certain allegations of anti-Semitism, John D. McCamus


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Potential Implications of Future WTO Negotiations for North American Broadcasting Policies: An Overview, Gus Van Harten

Submissions from 1997

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Draft Human Rights Manual for Judges and Lawyers, Obiora Chinedu Okafor

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Submissions from 1996

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Submissions from 1995

Materials on Basic Tax Law in China, Jinyan Li

Domestic Dimensions, Kent McNeil


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The Challenge of the New Reproductive Technologies to Family Law, Roxanne Mykitiuk and Elizabeth Sloss

Legal Strategies for the Conservation and Management of Wetlands in Kenya and Uganda, Benjamin J. Richardson

Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace: Legal Issues of Regulation, Enforcement and Redress, Eric M. Tucker and Judy Fudge

Submissions from 1992

Family Violence in Kuujjuaq: Interviews with Kuujjuamiut, Susan G. Drummond

Concepts of Equity in Taxation, Leslie Green


Constitutional Jurisdiction over Transportation: Recent Developments and Proposals for Change, Patrick Monahan


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Submissions from 1991

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Submissions from 1990

Civil Legal Aid in Canada: Policy Options, Mary Jane Mossman

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Submissions from 1988

Language Rights in Canada: Principles and Policies, Leslie Green and Denise Réaume

The Role of an Appellate Court in Developing Sentencing Guidelines, Alan N. Young