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Aline Grenon

Subsequently published in the Osgoode Hall Law Journal.

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bijuralism; federal legislation; Québec civil law; statutory interpretation


Section 8.1 of the Interpretation Act affirms the equal authority of the common law and civil law in the field of property and civil rights and states, subject to two exceptions, that federal enactments based on rules and concepts that are part of the law of property and civil rights are to be interpreted in accordance with these rules and concepts. Prior to the enactment of this section in 2001, courts had a tendency to opt for a uniform application of federal legislation based on common law concepts, with often negative results for Quebec civil law. Since then, the Supreme Court of Canada has had a number of opportunities to interpret federal legislation in light of section 8.1. Following an analysis of the court’s decisions, the author emphasizes that section 8.1 has the potential to promote exchanges between Quebec civil law and Canadian common law and submits proposals in this regard.