Journal of Law and Social Policy


Georges Campeau

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English Abstract

The author provides an historical overview of the recent changes made to the unemployment insurance scheme by Bill C-113 (now S.C.1993, c.13), as well as offering an analysis of the political motivations for the changes and the impact the changes will have on workers. In brief, the changes in Bill C-113 to totally deprive workers, who quit without just cause or who are fired for misconduct, of al1 unemployment insurance benefits is a radical departure from both the Canadian and English history and policy of unemployment insurance. The author suggests that this is merely the second phase of an agenda to reduce Canadian unemployment insurance benefits to the level of American unemployment insurance schemes. The author forecasts that the changes will lead to an increasing judicialisation of the appeal process, to more appeals, to increased pressure on workers to remain in unsatisfactory positions, to increased demands from employers for concessions from employees, and to an increased burden on provincial social assistance programs.