Submissions from 2001

Writing Workers Out?: The Trajectory of Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Canada, Eric M. Tucker

Green Revolution or Greenwash? Environmental Management Systems, Public Law and Private Authority in Canada, Stepan Wood

Voluntary Environmental Standards: Green Revolution or Greenwash?, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 2000

Pensions and Privatization, Mary G. Condon

The New Genetics in the Post-Keynesian State, Roxanne Mykitiuk


The Gender of Genetic Futures: The Canadian Biotechnology Strategy, Women and Health, Roxanne Mykitiuk, Fiona Miller, and Lorna Weir

Building the Environmental Law Diaspora: The Role of Financial Institutions, Benjamin J. Richardson

States between Economic Deregulation and Ecological Responsibility: The Place of Environmental Justice, Benjamin J. Richardson

States between Economic Deregulation and Environmental Reregulation: The Hybridisation of Environmental Law, Benjamin J. Richardson

Historic Treaties: The Contemporary Definition of Existing Treaty Rights, Brian Slattery


Liberal Internationalism and Policy Discourse about the Asian Economic Crisis, Robert Wai


Beyond Big Business: Contests between Jurisdictions in a Vertically Integrated Global Economy, Janet Walker


Morguard at the Millennium: A Survey of Change, Janet Walker


Provisional and Protective Measures in International Litigation: Mareva and Grupo Mexicano, Janet Walker

Structural Bias and the concept of Sustainability, Stepan Wood

The New Global Environmental Standards, Stepan Wood

Submissions from 1999

Gendering the Pension Promise: Risk, Financial Markets and Neo-Liberalism, Mary G. Condon

Privatizing Risk: Gender and Pension Policy in Canada, Mary G. Condon

Distinct societies and the demand for distinctive law, Douglas C. Hay

Temps, culture, droit: l'historien et les temporalites des juristes, Douglas C. Hay

New Zealand’s Experience with the Use of Economic Instruments Including Taxes and Tradeable Permits, Benjamin J. Richardson

Notions of ‘Citizenship’ in New Zealand Environmental Law, Benjamin J. Richardson and Ken Palmer

Pluralism or Segmentation?: The Legal Regulation of Employment Relations in Canada, 1900 to 1999, Eric M. Tucker and Judy Fudge

Submissions from 1998

Business as Family, Mary Condon

Gender, Privatization and Financial Markets: The Case of the Canada Pension Plan, Mary G. Condon

Re-Privatizing Women: Tax Law and Family Economies, Lisa Philipps

Defining the ‘Reasonably Foreseeable Needs of Future Generations’ in New Zealand Fisheries Management, Benjamin J. Richardson

Incentives for Sustainable Use of Wetlands in Australia: Regulatory and Economic Mechanisms, Benjamin J. Richardson

Canada's New Deals for Labour: Interests, Institutions and Ideas at Play in the Field of the Provinces, 1933-1939, Eric M. Tucker

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in the United Kingdom and Ontario, Canada: A Political-Economy Perspective, Eric M. Tucker and Theo Nichols

Submissions from 1997

Economic Deregulation and Sustainable Management in New Zealand, Benjamin J. Richardson

Economic Instruments and Environmental Management: Regulatory and Policy Implications for New Zealand, Benjamin J. Richardson

Submissions from 1995

Civil Liability for Childhood Sexual Abuse, Kate Sutherland

Submissions from 1994

The Impact of NAFTA in the Private Law Context, Shelley M. Kierstead

Intractable Neurological Disorders, Genetics and Society: Some Legal and Ethical Issues in Canada, Roxanne Mykitiuk

Self-Determination and the Struggle for Ethno-Cultural Autonomy in Nigeria: The Zangon-Kataf and Ogoni Problems, Obiora Chinedu Okafor

Canadian Comprehensive Claims Agreements and their Potential Application to Australia, Benjamin J. Richardson

Regional Frameworks for Explicating Native Title: From Land Tenure to Land Management, Benjamin J. Richardson

The Contexts of Coercion: Labour, Law and the Canadian State, 1900-1914, Eric M. Tucker and Judy Fudge

Submissions from 1992

Battered Women and Legal Rights in the Canadian Context, Janet E. Mosher

Work and Family in the Legal Profession: Re-Thinking the Questions, Mary Jane Mossman

Protection of the Ozone Layer under International Law: The Implications for Developing Countries, Benjamin J. Richardson


Dialogical Sovereignty: Preliminary Metaphorical Musings, Craig M. Scott

Workers' Health and Safety Struggles: Democratic Possibilities and Constraints, Eric M. Tucker

Submissions from 1991

Regional Agreements in Australia and Canada., Benjamin J. Richardson


Grenada, Nicaragua and Panama: Tracking Force-for-Democracy Discourse in the 1980s, Craig M. Scott, Philippe Kirsch, and W. J. Fenrick

Submissions from 1990

The Past as Prologue: Women and the Law, Mary Jane Mossman

Submissions from 1989

Conditions of Participation: Worker Participation in Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Ontario and Sweden, Eric M. Tucker

Repression and Toleration in Canadian Labour Law: The Legal Regulation of Trade Unions and Their Activities in Nineteenth-Century Ontario, Eric M. Tucker

Submissions from 1988

The Ideology and Politics of Enforcement: The Case of Ontario Factory Inspection, 1888-1900, Eric M. Tucker

The Political-Economy of Administrative Fairness, Eric M. Tucker

Submissions from 1987

Civil Liberties and the Combatting of International Crime: Striking the Balance, John D. Mccamus and Sharon A. Williams

Enforcing Safety in Nineteenth Century Ontario, Eric M. Tucker

Submissions from 1984

Occupational Health and Safety: Is There a Role for Voluntarism?, Eric M. Tucker


Worldwide Trends in Legal Aid, Frederick H. Zemans