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Trevor C.W. Farrow: 0000-0001-5236-076X

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Publication Date

Spring 2024

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42 Adv J No 4, 6-11


There is an increasing recognition – from all sectors of the legal system, including the former Chief Justice of Canada – that justice is in crisis. Even though we have some of the best judges, lawyers, and law schools in the world, delays in the civil, criminal, and family justice systems are massive and increasing. Costs of legal help are going up. An increasing number of people are trying to represent themselves. Legal aid is available only for the least well-off and only for a limited range of services. Many communities feel alienated and do not see themselves represented by the justice system. Public trust and confidence in the legal system is being challenged. According to the president of The Advocates’ Society, “we’re approaching a breaking point.” Something must change.


"First published in The Advocates' Journal."