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Global Social Policy, 0(0).


colonial genocide; genocide; colonialism; reconciliation; anti-colonialism; decolonization


Canada has pursued policies of Indigenous assimilation and annihilation, many of which continue today. Among others, these include ‘Indian residential schools’, the Indian Act, welfare-state child removals, the Sixties Scoop, the prohibition of cultural practices, forced sterilization and environmental destruction. We are scholars co-leading a large interdisciplinary programme of research studying ‘colonial genocide’. Our research seeks to understand how historic colonialism and its contemporary manifestations rely on genocidal logic for power and profit. While we begin in Turtle Island, our work has global application. The act of naming is a powerful analytical and political tool, and ‘genocide’ is one of the most compelling – and controversial – names in the business of writing international law and policy. This contribution uses personal narrative to perform how reflexivity shapes choices around both how we make meaning and what we make meaning of.

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