Domestic Violence and Access to Justice: A Mapping of Relevant Laws, Policies and Justice System Components Across Canada, 2020 CanLIIDocs 3160

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Across Canadian jurisdictions, multiple laws, government policies, and justice system components may apply in domestic violence cases. Within this context, some legal issues fall within federal jurisdiction and others fall within provincial or territorial jurisdiction. Indigenous nations and communities may also have laws related to these issues, which may overlap with federal and provincial / territorial laws in ways that are even more complicated jurisdictionally. As a result, diverse laws, policies, and dispute resolution models exist in different provinces and territories and may apply in different ways to different groups of people who experience or are affected by domestic violence.

In this eBook, we provide a survey of legislation, key government policies, and justice system components that apply to domestic violence across Canada. This mapping is an effort to comprehensively document the diversity of government responses to this social problem and to provide access to legal information. This document is not intended to provide legal advice.