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Patricia McMahon: 0009-0009-0595-2143

Trevor C.W. Farrow: 0000-0001-5236-076X

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Spring 2023

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Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal 32.1, ADR Institute of Canada pp.13-16, 2023.


In any three-year period, almost half the adult population in Canada will experience at least one justiciable civil or family problem. Few, however, will have the resources to resolve their legal problems, thus highlighting longstanding barriers that make access to justice such a pressing issue in Canada. Among many global justice initiatives, a prominent call to action is Goal 16 of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which commits nations to work towards ensuring equal access to justice for all by 2030. Although there is no single strategy to achieve this, evidence-based practices in all areas of civil and family justice can help close the access-to-justice gap by shining a light on where gaps exist and suggesting how they may be closed.