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This article was first published by Thomson Reuters in the Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice and should be cited as Aylwin, Nicole; Farrow, Trevor C.W., "'A different day in court’: Exploring the place of judicial mediation in Ontario’s alternative dispute resolution landscape", 2014 3 JCivLP 122.


In January 2011, the Ontario Bar Association established a taskforce to explore the question of how judicial dispute resolution could improve access to justice in Ontario. In their recently released final report, the taskforce offers some compelling conclusions. In particular, the report recommends that JDR be formally recognised as part of the alternative dispute resolution options available in Ontario since it would provide litigants the opportunity to receive their “day in court” without the necessity of a costly trial.This article elaborates on the findings of the report and places them within the larger context of current research and Canadian policy developments in access to justice.


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