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Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 57, Issue 3 (September 1979), pp. 446-471


The elegantly written Report of the Task Force on Canadian Unity is the most recent product of our constitutional reform industry. In many respects it is the most impressive. It deserves attention if for no other reason than the make-up of the group which produced it. The Task Force was composed of both men and women, politicians and scholars, persons with experience in the business community and in the union movement, and representatives of each of our far-flung regions. Its co-chairmen, Jean-Luc Pepin and John Robarts, are two of the most experienced and respected public figures in Canada. The Commissioners toured the entire country. They listened patiently to often vehement expressions of opinion about Canadian federalism. At the end of that exercise in constitutional consciousness-raising intrinsically valuable in its own right-they emerged with a unanimous Report.