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Dalhousie Law Journal 44.1 (Forthcoming)


In most of my decades-long teaching and professorial career, I primarily taught Torts, but never Contracts. However, last year, I agreed to teach jointly a postgraduate class of 35 students on “Civil Obligations.” It was a decision that conformed to one of the more unsettling tropes of my life— “act in haste, repent at leisure.” My role in this arrangement was, after a general opening about the nature of civil obligations and the interface of Contract and Tort, to assume responsibility for the Contracts component of the course. This presented itself as a considerable task, but I thought that it would be a new and refreshing challenge. And I was right. In preparing for and teaching contract law, I learned (and unlearned) more about law, legal thinking and teaching than I had originally bargained for or reasonably expected.