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ILO 100: Law for Social Justice


The overarching objective of this paper is to shine a Third World

Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) torchlight on the ILO’s social

justice discourse and praxis to find out what can be seen, or seen in a new

light, or seen in a different way, when the TWAIL approach is adopted,

and to comment on the significance of our findings, if any. To this end,

the paper pursues two specific and intertwined goals, namely: (i) to analytically

tease out the similarities and differences between TWAIL’s avowedly

(global) social justice discourse and praxis and its ILO counterpart; and (ii)

to, in the light of the findings of the preceding exercise, reflect on what (if

anything) the ILO’s and TWAIL’s social justice discourses and praxis can

learn from each other.