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In this Introduction, we set out some of the innovative practices and themes arising from assessment in legal education in England. It is fair to say that assessment theory has not attracted the same rigorous analysis and implementation that has attended the subject in other disciplines such as medical education. Much of the theoretical innovations tend to be syncretic, adaptations from other disciplines. Nevertheless, there are examples of genuine innovations when England is viewed alongside other jurisdictions, and where it has occurred we have noted it in this Introduction. Needless to say, but we shall say it anyway the field is extensive and growing; and by no means all the innovations within the last several decades are listed here. We have attempted to be as contemporary as possible to our publication date of 2019, but inevitably there are many projects discussed in the book that are in the process of adaptation and change. Where possible, we give website resources so that readers can follow up the latest developments in any particular project.


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