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Religion and the Exercise of Public Authority by Benjamin L. Berger and Richard Moon (eds.), HART Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, 2016


Religious discrimination; Law and legislation; Judicial independence; Sentences (Criminal procedure); Religious aspects; Religion and law; Criminal justice, Administration of; Canada; Québec


This chapter questions the interpretation of religious ­ signs and symbols— and the interpretive possibilities that emerge when we demand more from one another in thinking about such symbols— by ­ examining the question of judges and religious dress in the particular context of the judge’s role as wielding the coercive force of the state through the exercise of criminal punishment. I advance the argument that recent debates have proceeded on a misleadingly simplistic approach to understanding the meaning of signs of religious belonging and identity in this setting and that, with this, we miss an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the virtues that we hope to find in our public officials.


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