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Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law. Volume 1, Issue 1 (2015), p. 3-7.


It is my privilege to offer this brief foreword for the inaugural issue of the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law (CJCCL), launched in 2013 by Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law. 1 will offer a word or two about the Journal and then a word or two about its first issue, which grapples with the complex interrelationship between health law and human rights.

Some might see this as a perilous moment at which to launch a new law journal. We are by any measure at the crossroads of significant change in the dissemination of ideas about law and justice. Those ideas may now be found in the blogosphere, in real time listserv debates or from your favourite scholar on iTunes as readily as within the pages of a venerable law review. Law journals wrestle with whether to move purely online, and if so whether to be open access or throw up subscription pay-walls. Authoritative voices have heralded the demise of the law review.

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