The Goudge Inquiry: Anatomy of Success for an Inquiry to Change Policy?

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Inwood, G., and C. Johns, eds. Commissions of Inquiry and Policy Change: A Comparative Analysis. Toronto: University of Toronto Press/IPAC, 2014.


Commissions of inquiry are a vital and ubiquitous part of the Canadian policy landscape. Established to answer the tough questions, they have been charged with examining almost every aspect of public life.

This collection brings together leading Canadian scholars working in political science, public policy, and law to explore fundamental questions about the relationship between commissions of inquiry and public policy for the first time: What role do commissions play in policy change? Would policy change have happened without them? Why do some commissions result in policy changes while others do not?

In search of answers, Commissions of Inquiry and Policy Change analyses ten landmark inquiries ranging across a variety of political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and legal issues. Filling a significant gap in the literature, this volume will be a valuable resource for scholars and students of Canadian political science, public policy, law, and history, as well as a broader audience of readers interested in commissions of inquiry and their role in Canadian policymaking.

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