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Book Chapter

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Cartey, T., and I. Karpin (eds.) Contemporary Perspectives on Health Law and Policy, (Sydney, Australia: Federation Press, 2008).


The meaning of "health" is constructed from a variety of perspectives, including biomedical, social and political, and in a variety of sites, including human bodies and natural environments. In this chapter we suggest that the human embryo is one such site. At first glance the in vitro embryo is not an obvious location from which to examine such constructions; however, we contend that an increasing focus on biomedical determinations of the "health" of the human embryo (Mykitiuk and· Nisker, 2008b; Van Wagner, Mykitiuk and Nisker, 2008) is significant not only in the application to human embryos themselves, but also in terms of our broader understanding of "health" in relation to existing adults and children.


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