Ontario: Revised Statutes
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This is a collection of Revised Statutes of Ontario, from 1914 to the last in 1990, as officially published by the Queen’s Printer, reproduced in PDF format. In these (generally) decennial revisions, all statutes in force at the time of the revision are collected, consolidated and printed in an “official” version to replace previously unrevised versions. As a general rule, the statutes in any revision are revised and consolidated to December 31 of the year of the revision. The collection includes all tables and indexes published with the each revision, including the Tables of Disposition, to facilitate building legislative histories.

The collection is organized and can be browsed by year of the revision and then volume. From the drop-down menu to the left, select the year and volume desired, and then click Browse.

For current consolidations of all Ontario statutes, please consult the official Ontario e-Laws site or the Consolidated Statutes and Regulations of Ontario collection on CanLII.

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