Contracts: Cases and Commentaries, 10th ed.

Contracts: Cases and Commentaries, 10th ed.


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Contracts: Cases and Commentaries, Tenth Edition continues to be the teaching tool of choice among Canadian contracts professors. This book allows students to learn the law of contracts by first gaining a familiarity with the substantive law. Substantive law includes the law relating to the formation of contracts, factors affecting the validity of contracts, and remedies for when a party breaches the contract. A familiarity with these principles will serve as a useful stepping stone to courses drawing on the general principles of contract law,— such as the sale of goods, consumer protection, insurance, real estate transactions, and labour law. This book will teach students how to engage in analyzing areas of law where overlapping or conflicting values are at stake, such as human rights law and property law, by reflecting on a value fundamental to the law of contracts, such as freedom of contract. Furthermore, this book will facilitate the acquisition of a variety of basic skills associated with the analysis and use of case law and, to a lesser extent, legislation. It is designed as an aid to the acquisition of these essential skills, via the study and discussion of the decisions of the courts, as well as statutory law and academic comment.



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Contracts: Cases and Commentaries, 10th ed.

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