Principles of Canadian Income Tax Law


Principles of Canadian Income Tax Law


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Principles of Canadian Income Tax Law is an introduction to Canadian income tax law using clear, concise and non-technical language. This edition is dedicated to Peter Hogg who created this book and continues to inspire us. It carries forward Peter?s commitment to precision and clarity in his enthusiasm for the public law. The emphasis is on the principles of income tax law, the policies that influence and underlie the system and the major features and context of the system. Tax law is portrayed as a rational system that contributes to Canada?s socio-economic fabric. The publication of this edition coincides with the centenary of federal income taxation in Canada. It encourages us to think deeply and critically about the important role of the income tax in Canadian society as a main instrument for financing and sharing among Canadians the cost of our collective consumption of goods and services and expressing our notions of social welfare, distributive justice and political civility. As with previous editions, the 9th edition strives to unpack complex statutory provisions by focusing on fundamental principles and legislative rationales and using simple examples. Many chapters have been significantly reorganized and revised and the three previous chapters on corporations, partnerships and trusts have been consolidated into one chapter. Notable updates include new statutory provisions, including the 2017 federal budget proposals, as well as pivotal new case law. This text comes with finding tools that save research time, including a detailed table of contents, an exhaustive table of cases and a comprehensive topical index.



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Li, Jinyan, Joanne Magee and J. Scott Wilkie. Principles of Canadian Income Tax Law. Thomson Reuters, 2017

Principles of Canadian Income Tax Law