An Agenda for Constitutional Reform

An Agenda for Constitutional Reform


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This Final Report is the culmination of the efforts of the York University Constitutional Project, a project of the York University Centre for Public Law and Public Policy. The report is based on a comprehensive eight-month study by researchers at the Centre, meetings and conferences with eighteen distinguished academics from York University and the University of Toronto, and individual Background Studies by distinguished academics and professionals throughout Canada.

This Report puts forward and discusses forty-eight recommendations on legal issues surrounding Quebec sovereignty. Ontario's interests in the current constitutional discussions, and federal proposals released in September of 1991. This Report is written in a manner which promotes discussion and cooperation on specific issues, with the objective of arriving at a consensus. By so doing, it brings us one step closer to a resolution of Canada's constitutional problems.



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Monahan, Patrick J. An Agenda for Constitutional Reform. North York, Ont. : York University Centre for Public Law and Public Policy, 1992. Print.

An Agenda for Constitutional Reform