Liability of the Crown, 4th Edition

Liability of the Crown, 4th Edition


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With government having assumed an important role in most areas of economic and social life, issues relating to potential legal liability for wrongful or negligent activity have taken on increasing importance. When things go wrong, whether it involves matters as diverse as problems with the blood supply, with unsafe drinking water, or the failure of a major financial institution, those who suffer loss inevitably look to whether their losses can be traced back to government or regulatory failure.
Liability of the Crown, 4th Edition is a comprehensively revised fourth, and the 40th anniversary edition of the leading text in the field of government liability. Each chapter of this seminal work has been completely rewritten to take account of the numerous significant developments in the field that have taken place since the last edition was published. In addition, Wade K. Wright has joined expert authors Peter W. Hogg Q.C. and Patrick J. Monahan for this leading text. This edition includes new chapters on restitution, taking (expropriation), trust, estoppel and Crown as creditor as well as a helpful concluding chapter, which draws together a coherent thesis for the book.



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Toronto, Ontario


Government liability; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Great Britain


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Hogg, Peter W., Patrick J. Monahan, and Wade K. Wright. Liability of the Crown, 4th Edition. Toronto, ON: Carswell, 2011. Print.

Liability of the Crown, 4th Edition