Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada, 2nd Edition


Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada, 2nd Edition


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Canada, being the world's second largest country, is a vast land mass which comprises 10 provinces, all of which adhere to different labour relation systems. The complexities within such diverse systems can become overwhelming for those attempting a study of the subject or those involved in labour law litigation. This new publication has tackled these complexities and offers the reader a concise view of the most pertinent laws of each province and a comparative assessment of provincial law and national law when they apply. In keeping with the same commitment to detail and quality found in all of the pulbications which make up the Encyclopaedia of Labour Law Series, pulbished by Kluwer Law and Taxation, this new edition offers its readers the same comprehensive and current data on Canadian Labour Law issues, researched and compiled by top professionals in this field. The topics addressed are as vast as Canada herself. Included are: General Background Information on the Country as a whole and General Notions and Special Definitions, along with a complete outline of the Canadian Labour Movement. This introductory information will prove to be extremely beneficial to those involved in a study of the system. The publication delves deeper into the intricacies of the system; examining the issues of `The Individual Employment Relationship' and `Collective Labour Relations', offering answers to perhaps every question regarding Canadian Labour Law, which could arise in the study of the subject, or in the process of litigation of the laws expressed. Thus Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada, is your answer to the most detailed resource aid available on the subject. This book is an offprint from the Canadian Chapter in the International Encyclopaedia of Labour Law and Industrial Relations.



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Toronto, Ontario


Labor laws and legislation; Industrial relations; Canada


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Arthurs, Harry W., D. D. Carter, and Harry J. Glasbeek. Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada, 2nd Edition. Toronto, ON: Butterworths, 1984. Print.

Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada, 2nd Edition