The Transnational Human Rights Review


Zachary Lomo

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English Abstract

This article attempts to draw some theoretical insights from the Canada-Nigeria human rights engagement from 1999 to 2011. Canada and Nigeria claim to seek cooperation on the principles of sovereign equality. What, then, is sovereignty and sovereign equality? The article will attempt to address the various approaches to theorizing sovereignty in four broad conceptual categories – sovereignty as State power and authority; sovereignty as the power and authority of the people; sovereignty as equality; and sovereignty as responsibility to protect. The nature of the Canada-Nigeria engagements in human rights is scrutinized under two main themes – first, engagements in the political, economic spheres are examined; and second, engagements in the field of human rights. Theoretical insights that can be drawn from the Canada-Nigeria engagement in the field of human rights are next discussed and some conclusions from the discussions in the article are drawn.