The Transnational Human Rights Review

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On the broad level, this article discusses ESC rights in Nigeria in the context of the international human rights architecture, and in the context of the reality and play of global affairs. In these contexts, bilateral as well as other international agreements maintain a vital role in fostering transnational cooperation in the field of human rights. It is within this framework that Canadian-Nigerian engagement in the fulfilment of ESC rights is considered. The article also considers the theoretical aspects of ESC rights juxtaposed against CP rights, thereby expounding interdependence of these categories of rights. In the course of the discussion, judicial interpretation of the constitution and other provisions relating to ESC rights in Nigeria are examined, with the objective of making a case for the justiciability of ESC rights in Nigeria. In the end, the article concludes that Canadian-Nigerian human rights cooperation has a role to play in enhancing the legal and judicial implementation of these rights in Nigeria.