The Transnational Human Rights Review

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States under international law have obligations towards all, including persons with disabilities who are recognized as right holders. Moreover, states, especially in the areas of education and employment, are duty-bound to ensure quality education and productive employment for the realization of their human rights. Indeed, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) impose additional obligations on states in achieving full productive employment and quality education for all, including those with disabilities. Therefore, this paper assesses the SDGs related to education and employment for persons with disabilities by considering whether the SDGs fully integrate the human rights standards as well as the disability human rights model. Applying the Adaptability, Acceptability, Availability, and Accessibility (4As) and the disability human rights frameworks, this paper contends that while the SDGs add weight to human rights and require states in education and employment to move towards achieving full employment and inclusive quality education for persons with disabilities, it fails to fully integrate the human rights model of disability and human rights standards.

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