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The quality of employment available to Ontarians is a growing concern among legislators, policymakers, and the general public alike. There is widespread recognition that precarious employment and the challenges posed by the associated realignment of risks, costs and power relations between employees and employers require improvements to employees’ legislative protection. Ontario’s Changing Workplaces Review (CWR) affords us an opportunity to take stock of important changes taking place the province’s labour market. As the Terms of Reference introduced at the outset of the CWR note, “far too many workers are experiencing greater precariousness” in employment in Ontario today than in the recent past. Accordingly, with the aim of “creating decent work in Ontario, particularly [for] those who have been made vulnerable by changes in our economy and workplaces,” such terms directed the Special Advisors to investigate the dynamics underlying the magnitude of precariousness in the province’s labour market and to pose options for mitigating this fundamental social and economic problem through reforms to Ontario’s Labour Relations Act (LRA) and Employment Standards Act (ESA).