Fasting Just One Aspect of Ramadan: Kutty

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Abstaining from food, drink and other behaviour, such as prayer and charitable acts, are outward rituals, but there are spiritual and transformative aspects of the holy month, as well.

“But you can drink water, can’t you?” is a classic question when people learn I’m fasting.

Nope. No water or food, from dawn to dusk. Those fasting must also abstain from intimate marital relations, and not lie, cheat, backbite or carry on with other “bad” habits. Depending on the school of Islamic thought, a number of such acts may even break the fast, with onerous makeup requirements.

Questions, such as the one about drinking water, highlight the focus on the outward rituals of fasting among non-Muslims and Muslims alike to the detriment of the spiritual and transformative aspects.

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Toronto Star