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Is the future of legal advice in jeopardy — or do lawyers have a new friend in artificial intelligence?

WE LIVE IN interesting times, where the disruptive impact of technology and automation is omnipresent (see "Machine Readable," p. 48). Whether in the form of the self-driving electric cars of the future, package delivery by drones, the Airbnb-ization of the accommodation market or the blockchain phenomenon, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution is a reality few can ignore.

It has been widely forecast that over the next 10 years technology will disrupt business more dramatically than it has over the past 50 years. The business of law is not immune to this chaotic transformation. The good news is that the message has been heard loud and clear; in the past 12 months alone, mindshare in legal circles has focused heavily on legal tech as the practice of law grapples with multiple shifts in the way legal services are provided.

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