Lessons From Past Islamophobia and the Christian Response

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Recent political developments around the world have brought to the fore discussions and debates about Islamophobia.

Some Islamophobes disingenuously argue that they don’t have a hate on for Muslims, and only object to the term “Islamophobia.” These newly minted word etymologists argue that the term is imprecise and precludes legitimate criticism of Islam as a religion. They also counter that it is not a phobia because it is not a mental condition, but a grounded fear of bad or even “evil” ideas. Of course, this sounds legitimate enough, so many progressives and liberals are also won over.

Notwithstanding the bandwagon effect, and au contraire to their objections, it is a phobia because it is prejudice and bigotry toward Muslims and the irrational and exaggerated fear of an assumed, but nonexisting, monolithic Islam represented by the sharia bogeyman.

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The Islamic Monthly