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The Writers Guild of Canada (―WGC‖) supports a copyright regime which balances the needs and interests of consumers with the rights and protections of authors. Works should be widely available for use by consumers provided that authors are fairly remunerated for those uses. Rather than criminalize consumers’ actions, the WGC would prefer to see a Copyright Act that pre-authorizes common consumer uses of works in exchange for a revenue stream payable to authors and copyright owners by using the current Private Copying Levy as a model for a more expanded collective licensing scheme. Further, Canada should embrace a National Digital Strategy and implement reforms such that Electronic Rights Management should not be permitted to be removed, fair dealing should not be expanded by the inclusion of a ‗such as‘ clause, parody and satire should cease to be infringing activities, shared authorship should be bestowed jointly on the credited writer and credited director of cinematographic work, and the WIPO Treaties should be implemented and subsequently adapted to Canadian circumstances, in no small part to avoid the hostile reception accorded to Bill C-61.