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The COVID-19 pandemic came with several revelations about our pre-pandemic lives. One of these revelations was the importance of international trade law in the lives of average individuals. Headlines about food supplies, shortages of essential medical supplies, and countries’ plans to acquire and produce vaccines dominated the media following March 2020. It was a time that spurred the public’s interest in international trade law and how it functions. Indeed, media headlines showcased the growing concern about international trade during the pandemic. This is the context in which Michael Trebilcock’s Navigating the Free Trade—Fair Trade Fault-Lines situates itself. At a time when everyday Canadians and others around the world were experiencing and reading about the effects of COVID-19, Free Trade—Fair Trade provides curious readers with a pithy, wide-ranging introduction to international trade law and its many challenges. Ultimately, Trebilcock convinces his readers that international trade law—and its impact on job availability and the price and availability of goods—can make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

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