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Restoring Consumer Sovereignty, by Adrian Kuenzler, is a rich text spanning antitrust, intellectual property (“IP”), and consumer law. Kuenzler, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Zurich, is in an authoritative position to comment on the law’s role in stimulating new economic growth, drawing on his own insights from the behavioural sciences. He attributes the preparation of this book to his studies at Zurich University School of Law, his writing on the history of European Competition Law at the European University Institute in Florence, and his time at Yale Law School. In addition to his book, he has contributed other work to the antitrust, intellectual property, and consumer law fields, such as his article, “Promoting Access over Ownership: Realigning Antitrust and Intellectual Property Law to Usher in an Era of Collaborative Consumption.” Parts of chapters two, three, and four of the book also appear in the article, “Dilution Law, Vertical Agreements, and the Construction of Consumption.”

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