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Friday, 4 April – Sunday, 6 April, 2014
Location: Room 1014, Ignat Kaneff Building Osgoode Hall Law School York University 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3

Background and Conference Theme

A vast array of leading legal, political, and moral theorists are currently working on related questions about transnational wrongdoing (including domestic wrongdoing with transnational effects). Indeed, the last decade has seen tremendous progress in the philosophical study of topics such as just war, global justice, international criminal law, human rights, immigration, climate change, and transnational reparations. Such progress has been made in terms both of the central principles that ought to govern these issues and of the kinds of institutional arrangements through which those principles could be applied.

Unfortunately, these discussions too often remain focused on very particular topics, without paying sufficient attention to the larger context in which those topics are set, or to other cognate questions within that larger context. The central goal of this conference is to begin to remedy this perceived deficiency, by tearing down silos and bringing into conversation with each other theorists involved in many of these more specialized discussions. For this purpose, a variety of leading thinkers in the sub-fields identified above have been invited to reflect on the more general theme of “Wrongs across Borders”, including the special nature of transnational wrongdoing, what must or may be done in anticipation of or response to it, and who must or may do it.

Conference Program

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