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The present page is intended to mirror the public documentation made available on the web page for the Afghanistan Public Interest Hearing (APIH) of Canada’s Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC). All hyperlinks connect to documents on the MPCC website. Court orders and judgments related to the Afghan detainee transfer question, including two challenges to the MPCC proceedings from the Government of Canada, can be viewed here.

The following MPCC-composed text introduces the documents:

On March 12, 2008, the Chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) directed that the investigation into the complaints lodged by Amnesty International Canada and British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (AICBCCLA) move to a public hearing process. This was required following the delays and difficulties to obtain relevant documents and information from government authorities.

On February 26, 2007, the MPCC had announced the launching a public interest investigation into a complaint regarding the transfer of detainees by Military Police in Afghanistan. This decision related to a joint AICBCCLA complaint letter received on February 21, 2007. In the complaint, it was alleged that the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal and unidentified members of the CF Military Police, on at least 18 occasions transferred detainees to Afghan authorities notwithstanding alleged evidence that there was likelihood they would be tortured.

The following documents are in reverse chronological order, beginning with the February 11, 2007, Complaint of Amnesty International (Canada) and the BC Civil Liberties Association:


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