Lovers & Fighters: What Millennial Workers Love Enough to Fight for – Episode 2 – Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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Atkinson Live - podcast


Every year, April 10 marks Equal Pay Day. Why? Because women on average have to work an extra three and a half months each year to earn what a man does in twelve months. And it takes even longer if you’re a woman of colour, and Indigenous woman, an immigrant woman, and/or a woman who has a disability. But it feels like this issue has been around forever – what do we need to do to fix it once and for all? Ausma talks with Fay Faraday and Pamela Uppal about why they are fighting to close the gender pay gap, the merits and criticisms of Lean In, and who inspires their work.


This is a podcast by Atkinson Live featuring Professor Fay Faraday as guest.