Law Professor Considers Real ‘Win’ of High-Stakes Métis Court Case

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Brainstorm (a special edition of YFile)


When an Indigenous person enters the Canadian legal system, they are coming face to face with the establishment, or superstructure, that has a long history of perpetrating injustices against their people. Such was the 2016 Daniels v. Canada case, a highly contentious case that played out in the Supreme Court of Canada about Métis status.

Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Signa A. Daum Shanks considers the effects that have developed after the release of this pivotal case, which is, on the surface, considered a legal victory. She uses the case to delve deeply into the aftermath of colonialism, the modern plight of Indigenous Peoples and the rule of law. In doing so, she unpacks complex ramifications around the legal ruling. Her article, “The Wastelander Life: Before and After the Release of Daniel v. Canada,” was published in the Osgoode Hall Law Journal (Summer 2017).


Article is written by Megan Mueller and mentions Professor Signa Daum Shanks.