Media Giants Win Injunction in Copyright Infringement Case Against Website

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The Lawyer's Daily


A number of Canadian communications giants have won the latest round in their copyright infringement case against a website that offers access to media players and other software that they say can be used to illegally access their content.

In Bell Canada v. Lackman 2018 FCA 42, Justice Yves de Montigny of the Federal Court of Appeal ruled Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and Quebec-based Vidéotron had a strong prima facie case of copyright infringement against Adam Lackman and his website TVAddons, which is a repository for streaming software such as the KODI media player. The court also ruled a lower court justice made “overriding and palpable errors” when he refused to grant an injunction against Lackman.

In June 2017, Justice René Leblanc of the Federal Courta issued a 14-day interim injunction preventing Lackman and TVAddons from making any of the appellant’s programs available. The appellants were also granted an Anton Piller order, which allowed their lawyers to inspect Lackman’s residence, make copies of documents pertaining to the website as well as its financial records, remove certain materials and make mirror images of digital devices.


This article is written by Ian Burns with commentary by Prof. Giuseppina D’Agostino and mentioning of IP Osgoode.