Holes Emerge in Toronto’s Crackdown on Marijuana Dispensaries

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The Globe and Mail


For 17 months, Toronto police and bylaw officers have been cracking down on illegal pot dispensaries, raiding more than 200 locations, laying hundreds of criminal charges and issuing thousands of dollars in fines. Their attack has been relentless, yet the city still has an estimated 65 shops open for business at any given time.

The campaign, codenamed Project Claudia, began with a headline-grabbing first round of raids in May, 2016, and has now cost millions of dollars in police, staff and court time.

Some storefronts simply reopen within weeks or even days of a raid. Some move – or simply move their business online. One Toronto neighbourhood was blanketed this week with slick pamphlets for a marijuana service modelled on the city's food-delivery companies.