Opinion: Iraq War Resisters Should Be Allowed to Stay in Canada

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CBC Radio, The 180


Some may call them cowardly military deserters. Others may call them brave war resisters.

Starting in 2004, an estimated 200 to 300 American soldiers fled the Iraq War and came to Canada seeking refuge.

About 45 of them sought refugee protection here, as conscientious objectors, but the Canadian government has been actively trying to deport them back to the U.S. to face trial, under a directive called Operational Bulletin 202, put in place by the previous Conservative government.

Today, about 15 remain in Canada, with their cases working their way through the federal court system.

Craig Scott argues the resisters should be allowed to stay, especially since many in the international community have condemned the Iraq war as illegal.


Interview on the situation of US war resisters in Canada - Audio (10 minutes) alongside article “Opinion: Iraq war resisters should be allowed to stay in Canada” (August 12, 2016).