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Master of Laws (LLM)

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Joan M. Gilmour


This thesis examines the policy implications of the legal treatment of caregivers of the elderly in Canada and Australia and how this can inform law and policy reforms in Canada. Legislation and policy on the formal care system and supports for informal caregivers of the elderly in Canada and Australia are described, with a focus on BC and Ontario in Canada. These supports are analyzed and evaluated through the lens of relational autonomy. Australia for the most part has more supports than Canada, although improvements can be made to these supports to make them more effective in supporting informal caregivers in Canada. My policy recommendations include increasing formal care for seniors, recognizing caregivers in legislation, requiring consultation with caregivers, providing a comprehensive and coordinated range of financial and employment supports, providing support for emotional and educational needs of informal caregivers, and increasing government-provided information on caregiving and available supports.


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