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Descriptive cataloging; Indigenous peoples; Ontario Council of University Libraries; Ontario


The broad objective of the working group is to develop recommendations on how to make descriptive metadata in Omni, the Collaborative Futures (CF) shared library services platform, more accurately and respectfully reflect Indigenous Peoples, knowledges, and contexts.

The following report was created by the OCUL-CF Decolonizing Descriptions Working Group and submitted to the OCUL-CF Metadata Management and Standards Committee as per its Terms of Reference.

In section 1 of the report, we have included a set of recommendations organized as follows:

● Recommendations on relationship building and consultation: The Working Group recognized that without this step, this work cannot advance in a meaningful, inclusive or respectful way

● Critical evaluation of library records and description practices: The Working Group recommends broadening the scope of description practice evaluation and including OCUL member libraries beyond current CF institutions.

● Recommendations related to technical capabilities in Alma: These recommendations are intended as short-term solutions based on testing and research done by Working Group members. The intent is that consultation with Indigenous stakeholders will inform appropriate changes to terminology used in the catalogue.

After the recommendations, we have included sections 2-7 providing additional details supporting how the group arrived at their conclusions.

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