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Classification (Books); Law libraries; Linked data


Libraries have a lot of legacy data to bring to the linked data table. As the potential of the semantic web grows, it’s clear that controlled methods of organization will be critical for its success. This panel discusses two projects to take existing library cataloging and metadata standards and transform them for use as and within Linked Open Data platforms. Tim and Sarah have set out to explore if library classification standards can facilitate and improve semantic navigation as an online controlled vocabulary. They are using a specialized legal classification scheme known as KF Modified. The project has two phases: converting the current print based format, maintained in a legacy word processing platform, to XML and then mapping the results to SKOS and creating a dynamic data standard that can be published as linked data.


Presented as part of the panel discussion Navigating Linked Open Data delivered at the Access Conference in Toronto on September 11, 2015.

kfmod-final.xsd (6 kB)
KF Modified XML Schema

kfmod5g.xsl (3 kB)
KF Modified XSLT Style Sheet

kfmod-test2.xml (8 kB)
KF Modified sample XML code

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