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March 11, 1876. December 18, 1903. July 21st, 1969.

These are the dates that John Weigelt — the National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada — used to provide scale in his IP Osgoode Speaks Series presentation: Adjusting to the Changed Frame of Reference of our Technology Enabled World.

Specifically, these dates represent “the day after”. Weigelt asked attendees to imagine waking up on the day after Bell first telephoned Watson, after the Wright Brothers flew over Kitty Hawk, and after Neil Armstrong took one small step on the moon’s surface. Would we have known that the world was a different place than it had been the day before or that our collective frame of reference had fundamentally shifted? Hindsight lets us recognize key moments in the development of groundbreaking technologies, but would we have realized them at the time they occurred?

Date: September 30, 2015

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