Osgoode's Annual Constitutional Cases Conference


Panel C: Speech, Silence and Community | 25th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference


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This panel will consider cases in which the Court split over the idea of “positive rights” in section 2b, considered the relationship between section 2b and section 15, confronted the requirement of open courts in a democracy and dealt with a case about a church community with implications for section 2a jurisprudence.

4:52 Rabiat Akande and Faisal Bhabha, Osgoode Hall Law School "Insulating the Church: Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Canada v. Aga and the Suppression of Public Law in the Construction of Religious Communities"

20:08 David Lepofsky, Visiting Professor Osgoode Hall Law School "Viewing Ward v Quebec Human Rights Commission Through a Disability Lens"

36:43 Bruce Ryder, Osgoode Hall Law School "Political Expression, Electoral Fairness and the Charter"

52:20 Amy Salyzyn and Sam Singer, University of Ottawa Law School "Limits on the Open Court Principle in the 21st Century"

Chair: Sonia N Lawrence, Osgoode Hall Law School

This event was recorded on Friday, April 1, 2022

Hosted by Osgoode Hall Law School

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