Osgoode Hall Law School’s Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, recognized as the leading constitutional law conference in Canada, brings together many highly respected constitutional scholars, lawyers, students, and experts for an insightful and practical analysis of the Supreme Court’s significant constitutional judgments of the past year. The conference is co-chaired by Osgoode Professors Benjamin L. Berger, Sonia Lawrence, and Emily Kidd White.

Each year, select papers from the conference are published in a special issue of the Supreme Court Law Review. Within one year of publication, these articles are available through the Osgoode Digital Commons. To access those papers, please click here.


Submissions from 2024

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 1) | A Review of the Supreme Court’s 2023 Constitutional Jurisprudence, Kate Glover Berger

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 2) | Environmental Regulation and the Constitution, Dayna Nadine Scott, Deborah Curran, Anna Johnston, Nathalie J. Chalifour, and Emily Kidd White

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 3A) | Immigration and Refugee Law and the Constitution, Jamie Liew 8085592, Audrey Macklin, Joshua Blum, Sharry Aiken, Colin Grey, Jackie Swaisland, and Sean Rehaag

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 3B) | Punishment and Policing, Steve Coughlan, Lisa Kerr, Gerald Chan, Michael Perlin, and Palma Paciocco

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 4) | The Laskin Lecture "Race, Democracy and Politics without Guarantees", Debra Thompson

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 5) | The Criminal Law Power and the Evolution of Federalism, Asha Kaushal, Benjamin Perryman, Yashoda Ranganathan, Colton Fehr, and Vanessa MacDonnell

Constitutional Cases 2024 (Pt 6) | Courts, Politics and Public Trust, Erin Crandall, Kyle Kirkup, Rosalind Dixon, and Bruce Ryder

Submissions from 2023

Constitutional Cases (Pt 1) | A Review of the Supreme Court’s 2022 Constitutional Jurisprudence, Mary Condon, Benjamin Berger, Emily Kidd White, Sonia Lawrence, and Jamie Cameron

Constitutional Cases (Pt 2) | Charter Equality, Indigeneity and Sentencing in R v Sharma 2022 SCC 39, Alana Robert, Jennifer Koshan, Lisa Silver, Debra Parkes, and Sonia N. Lawrence

Constitutional Cases (Pt 3) | Access to Justice (Panel A), Gerard J. Kennedy, Erin Sigurdson, C. Tess Sheldon, Karen Spector, and Ruby Dhand

Constitutional Cases (Pt 4) | Police Powers and the Exclusion of Evidence (Panel B), Danardo Jones, Amar Khoday, and Chris Rudnicki

Constitutional Cases (Pt 5) | The Laskin Lecture 2023 with Professor Dame Linda Colley, Linda Colley

Constitutional Cases (Pt 6) | The Reach and Range of Judicial Review (Panel C), Alexandra Flynn, Robert Leckey, and Eric M. Adams

Constitutional Cases (Pt 7) | Substantive Justice and Criminal Law (Panel D), Michelle Lawrence, Lisa Dufraimont, Megan Stephens, and Terry Skolnik

Constitutional Cases (Pt 8) | Scrutinizing the Supreme Court with Digital Technology, Paul-Erik Veel, Simon Wallace, Jena McGill, and Amy Salyzyn

Submissions from 2022

Opening Address: A Review of the Supreme Court's 2021 Constitutional Jurisprudence | 25th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Benjamin L. Berger, Emily Kidd White, Sonia Lawrence, Mary Condon, and Craig M. Scott

Panel A: Lines in the Sand - GGPPA & Desautel | 25th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Allan C. Hutchinson, Fenner L. Stewart, Jean Leclair, and Senwung Luk

Panel B: Constituting Courts - Principles from the Criminal Cases | 25th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Lisa Kelly, Joshua M. Sealy-Harrington, Anne M. Turley, and Zoe Oxaal

Panel C: Speech, Silence and Community | 25th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Rabiat Akande, Faisal Bhabha, David Lepofsky, Bruce Ryder, Amy Salyzyn, and Sam Singer

Submissions from 2021

Session 1 - A Tribute to Peter Hogg & Opening Session | 24th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Jamie Cameron, Wade K. Wright, and Bruce Ryder

Session 2 - Questions of Jurisdiction | 24th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Sophie Thériault, Eric M. Adams, and Hoi L. Kong

Session 4 - Interpreting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms | 24th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Carissima Mathen, Valérie Kelly, Courtney Harris, Hugo Cyr, Ravi Amarnath, and Sonia Lawrence

Session 5 - Living Constitutional Justice: A Panel in Memory of Joseph J. Arvay, OC, QC | 24th Annual Constitutional Cases Conference, Frank Addario, Kent Roach, Alison Latimer, Lynn Smith, and Benjamin Berger