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administrative; decision; interconnected; justice


‘Administrative Justice in an Interconnected World’ is a compelling and elusive topic. It is my goal to discuss the extent to which administrative justice is in fact in an interconnected world or what it would take for this claim to become a reality. The claim that administrative justice is interconnected in this way is the compelling part – in other words, that the many disparate statutory tribunals, boards, agencies, commissions, etc., across the common law world, which exist in a decision-making sphere apart from both courts and government departments, and operate within different legal, political and policy cultures, share enough common ground to constitute a distinct system of justice. The reality is the elusive part – while there are hints at how such interconnected developments might proceed, there are also wholly parallel discussions where administrative law appears to be developing in splendid isolation in each jurisdiction, where legal and policy problems are approached as if no one else had ever considered them, and where occasionally different countries with similar values arrive at disparate responses to the same dilemmas.